Thursday, September 29, 2011

Right on Time...
I had a friend, a best friend actually, that I loved to spend time with.  Mark was the kind of guy, that no matter what we were doing; whether we were playing basketball or snow skiing or just hanging out, somehow the conversation would always end up on the Word or the Savior or some other Theological subject, and I loved it!  The Impact that he had on my life in the short time that we got to spend together is amazing to me. I still miss him to this day.  He passed away over 14 years ago, but when he died I made a promise that I would always be there for his family if there was ever even the smallest thing I could do for them. This past year his oldest daughter got married and I had the opportunity and the privilege of singing at the wedding. I also wrote this poem for the occasion.  It was interesting to see how God worked in her life as she waited for just the right guy.  Proving once again that God is never late, never early, but always....

Right on Time 
God is always right on time
Like a symphony He moves
Never early and never late
His sovereignty He proves
So often we don’t understand
Just how the pieces fit
The melody and harmony
Our lives are His instrument
He orchestrates each circumstance
Mixing tones both dark and bright
He blends the chords together                 
So that it all comes out just right
He will bring someone into our lives
While another will disappear
It’s all a part of His grand design
Though the reasons aren’t always clear
May we always recognize
That our God is in control
And in submitting to His perfect will
We find peace to rule our soul 

*For Jill*

Ec 3:1  To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:  

Everything in our lives both good and bad, whether we realize it or not or whether we understand it or not, is in the hands of our God and is always right on time.  Funny how we often think that God's timing is off somehow.  Sort of like Mary and Martha when Lazarus died in John chapter 11.  They were just sure that Jesus was 4 days late, but Jesus had a higher motive than just raising Lazarus from the dead.  He was about to put on display His awesome power and glory.  I truly believe that we would witness more of His power and glory in our own lives if we could trust Him completely and submit to His sovereignty.  We all have our plans and schedules, but we must be flexible when things don't go according to plan and trust that our Lord knows exactly what He is doing and He is always right on time.

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