Friday, March 22, 2013

My Baby Girl...
is getting married tomorrow and the whole house is ablaze with activity. Family and friends from near and far are all gathered in preparation of the big day.  The bride to be has been busy for months making plans and getting things ready and I have stolen away to a quite place to reflect for just a moment or two.  So many memories are flooding my mind that my heart can barely maintain composure.  But while there is a touch  of bittersweet at the thought of my middle child moving into this next phase of adult life, I am happy and thrilled with the young man that God has given her.  He is the one I have been praying for since before he was born and I know that they will go on for the Lord and be great together.  Still, it's tough on a Dad to hand his little girl to another man and let go of that place of leadership in her life.  I will go from being her protector and provider to adviser and counselor, but no matter what else happens, she will always be....

My Baby Girl

What can I say
That hasn’t been said
Words don’t do justice
To the love of a Dad
But one thing is certain
Till the end of the world
You will always be
My baby girl
Life as you know it
Will forevermore change
Gone are the silly
Little girl games
So quickly it seems
Whisked away in a whirl
But you will always be
My baby girl
Soon we’ll walk down an aisle
Just me and you
And I’ll give you away
And you’ll say I do
To a special young man
Who’ll take my place
In your world
But you will always be
My baby girl
Life will bring challenges
Its good times and bad
You’ll have yours too
The happy and sad
But no matter what comes
As the future unfurls
You will always be
My baby girl
And one day you’ll have
Little ones of your own
To nurture and love
And protect till they’re grown
And you’ll feel what I feel
A love rare as fine pearl
And still you will be
My baby girl


Ps 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward