Thursday, May 10, 2012

There is probably not a sweeter name this side of heaven than Mom.  She means more than she probably ever realizes, and gives so unselfishly of herself to serve those she loves.  When I think of the type of love that we are to have as Christians, that agape, self sacrificing type of love...Mom is my earthly role model.  There can never be enough thanks or accolades given for Mom.  She really is my hero and the reason that I turned out to love the Lord and want to do right with my life.  This was originally written for her birthday a few years ago, but with Mother's Day coming up, it seem appropriate.  I will be forever grateful for ...


What makes a mom so special
What’s so important about her task
Just listen to her children
And the questions that they ask
Like why is the sky blue
What makes the grass turn green
How do lightning bugs do that
When their tail lights can be seen
What makes the stars so shiny
And does God really live above
But the one thing that you rarely hear
Is “Mommy what is love”
For that question can be answered
Just by living in her care
The tenderness a mother shows
Is in all the world most rare
For she gives without reservation
Of her energy and time
From kissing every boo boo
To reciting each nursery rhyme
You can hear it in her voice
You can see it in her eyes
You can feel it in the pride she shows
In her children’s lives
It’s no wonder she’s their hero
And they understand once they’re grown
What makes a mom so special

When they have children of their own

Pr 31:28  Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her

(For my Mom on her 72nd birthday)