Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Funeral For An Old Friend

There is an old anecdote about walking through a cemetery and looking at all the headstones, and realizing that there is one thing that each headstone has in common.  There may be all sorts of different shapes and they all say something a little different about the person who is buried there.  They all have a different date of birth and a different date that the person died.  But the thing they have in common is that little dash between the two dates.  That little dash, although it takes up the least amount of space on that stone, is the most important part of the story.  You see it is that little dash that represents the entire life of the person who's name appears at the top.  I want my dash to be worth remembering when my days are all used up.  I lost a couple of good friends this last year, and it really has me thinking more and more about the legacy I am leaving behind.  It was really driven home when I attended the ...

Funeral For An Old Friend

I went to the funeral
For an old friend today
With so much in my heart
Yet so little I could say
To console a grieving widow
Or the kids he left behind
No thoughtful words of wisdom
Or sweet refrain that could unwind
The deep pain of loss
Or the fear of the unknown
No way to quell the yearning
For all the love that he had shown
But there is just one thing
That I really wanted to say
The thing that impacted my life
About my friend who’s gone away
If I can be remembered
When it comes my time to go
Just the way that he was
Then for certain I will know
That my life has been successful
And my time has been well spent
If I have been found faithful
When to heaven I have went
So then to be a man of faith
To be faithful kind and true
Just like my friend was remembered
Will be the best that I can do

For Clint Moore 1-3-15

1Co 4:2 Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

  It has been said that the best ability is dependability.  Yet the day of a man's word being his bond seems to be a thing of the past.  No longer is it just expected that a man will say what he means and mean what he says.  The biblical truths of integrity, stewardship and faithfulness are undeniable.  So why then does it seem so rare that men today, even in the church, are characterized as faithful?  The older I get the more I want that to be the thing that is remembered about my life...faithfulness!